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CST is a leading cryogenic design and engineering company in the Mid-Atlantic United States. Our engineers are part of an experienced and well-trained staff that have designed and installed Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) systems at such Laboratories as JHU, NIH, NIST, APG and other stem cell, fertility and biomedical clinics. CST has earned a reputation as a reliable, high quality engineering firm in the field of applied cryogenics, cryobiological systems and cryopreservation. Our team has experience in the design and installation of cryogenic systems in a variety of formats:

• CryoBio Freezer Suites
• Repositories for clinical and cell banks
• LN2 Backup Systems for Mechanical Walk-In Freezers
• LN2 Backup Systems for -20 ° C to -70 ° C Stand Alone Freezers
• LN2 systems for AeroSpace & Research Testing
• Environmental Air Monitoring for oxygen deficient atmospheres

Let us help take the guess work out of your project. Call CST for an estimate on the design and installation of a new liquid nitrogen piping system.